The Japanese enterprise advertisement to be on the air in satelite broadcast of the world.

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The overseas satelite broadcasting reception projects a reality true in each country that we have not known up to now as it is.
A lot of Japanese must discover a usual appearance in various countries not introduced in the news programming, the travel program, and the cooking program even by oneself.

Sichuan Big Large earthquake . . . Urgent report
The earthquake occurred in Chinese Sichuan on the afternoon of May 12th, 2008. This giant earthquake became a catastrophe that did not see the example in the history of mankind. The seismic intensity was corrected many times, and became M8.0 consequentially.
At first, the report of CCTV-4 told every day was only a fragmentary report. However, information flowed gradually through the Internet, and, at last, a Chinese government learnt the marvel of this not normal, earthquake.

What was the TV bureau in local projecting at that time? The one that Sichuan TV told was a time limit of the life and the death after all.................

Satellite TV of interesting Asia.
The introduction a little unique satellite channel in each country of Asia. Display on the satellite reception TV-image.

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